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Birthday Party Pony Rides

Kids riding horses during birthday party

Camp Olympia located in Rockville, Maryland offers many fun activities for children of all ages. One of our favorite kid activities include birthday parties with pony rides! This is always an adventure when the children arrive at our facility on Muncaster Mill Road and are first greeted by our two goats, Cinnamon and Sugar. The party is set up in our fenced in playground complete with picnic tables under a covered shelter. Parents may decorate this area to make it look like a festive occasion.

Ponies are provided and led by our staff for 45 minutes to one hour. The atmosphere is a country setting with chickens, rabbits, donkeys and horses. Quite a change from Chuck E. Cheese! Everyone gets fresh air, exercise, new experiences and lots of fun in the outdoors. For older children, we offer a more extensive program with the horses which includes learning to groom, saddle, lead and general care of the horse. Prices start at $375.

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