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Summer Camp Clinics

Horsemaster's Clinic - $100/week

Kids horseback riding at summer camp

Although horseback riding is a regular camp activity, the Horsemaster's Clinic provides a great opportunity for your child to expand their knowledge through a concentrated program of riding and theory geared towards individual abilities and skills. This program is offered for all levels of ability and includes four additional mounted lessons and one unmounted lesson per week. Please note, this is a weekly program and the fee remains the same regardless of days missed.

Tennis Clinic - $50/week

Group of young tennis players at summer camp

The daily tennis clinic provides an opportunity for children to participate in a more intensive tennis program. This is available for all abilities and is geared for campers who want to learn the basics of tennis and for those who want to improve their skills. They will practice ball control, leg movement, serving and volleying. Campers will participate in various skill building exercises.

Swimming Clinic - $60/week

kids learning to swim at summer camp

The Swimming Clinic offers an additional swim lesson each day and is customized to the ability of each child. Beginner to intermediate swimmers are encouraged to attend.

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